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Attraction and Sourcing

Our prime objective is to provide the best support for you in your Talent Attraction and Talent Sourcing Processes.

  • We understand the business cycle and current labor market trends
  • Getting clear understanding about business and work culture of our Clients
  • We design strategic plans based on the unique need of our Clients
  • Gradually we contribute to build your employment brand in the marketplace
  • We spot the winning talents; you add them to your team

A Great Candidate Experience To Create a Personalized experience that leaves a lasting, Positive Impression.

Multi-Channel Sourcing

We tailor a Talent Acquisition Strategy for each recruitment channel, from social media, digital marketing and job boards to traditional print and press, while encouraging interest from less direct sources such as referrals and careers events where required.

Supporting you to focus your time where it matters.

With Ennovatez managing your talent acquisition process, releasing you to focus on your core business and spend your valuable time where it matters most.

Deliver Best Results

Ennovatez help you achieve greater impact and attract the best fit talents to fill your organization’s Talent Pool.

  • With the right talents
  • Helping you build a winning Talent Pool
  • Allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Consistently delivering business success

Great talents are the foundation of the business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge, global brand or a start-up local company; you deserve to hire the best.

Being partnered with the Ennovatez team will help you to save time and Improve candidate quality.

HR professionals and hiring managers know how much time, money and energy can be spent screening the best candidates from hundreds of applications. And for candidates, a slow evaluation process can be de-motivating, whereas a faster, more transparent experience can enhance your employer brand.

Ennovatez’s unique talent acquisition strategies help solve your talent screening and talent selection challenges by providing a positive candidate experience and reducing time-to-hire, giving HR the freedom to make better hiring decisions, whilst complying with local employment laws.