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Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Ennovatez’s pool of highly qualified Consultants have successfully helped large enterprises to pinpoint the strategies that will support business growth. Our consultants have consistently helped organizations to increase productivity, save costs and enabled business success.

The team adopts strong industry recognized Best Practice frameworks,ensuring that projects are always delivered on time and meeting business objectives. We deliver end-to-end solutions, integrating technology solutions that are seamlessly integrated with our customers’ business processes and operations,maximizing their ROI, increasing their organization effectiveness, reducing their operational costs, and ultimately improving their business bottom line.

Numerous benefits have been reaped by our clients as we worked with them to identify strategic areas of focus, driving business returns.

  • Server consolidation and migration to a virtualized platform saving extensive hardware and maintenance costs and making our clients more green and effectively reducing their carbon footprint
  • Designed a global VOIP network infrastructure that enabled the savings of close to 40% of annual IDD costs. In an ever changing world where global warming has caused natural disasters like flash floods etc, our BCP implementations have kept our clients’ businesses operational whilst 98% of other organizations have had to shut down their operations during a national disaster
  • A truly mobile workforce is now demanding to have anytime, anywhere access, we have designed and implemented Unified Communication solutions that enable a workforce of more than 3,000 employees to take their office with them, by extending their enterprise communication capabilities to their mobile device of choice. Productivity has increased tremendously as a result, staff are now able to operate virtually from anywhere 24 by 7 with full data and voice network capabilities, making employees more productive
  • Many organizations have real estate space that is idle 30% of the time. As real estate costs have escalated across the world in the last few years, we have enabled organizations to optimize their real estate spend and reduce real estate requirements by implementing technology and processes that gave them better control of their workspace

We believe in delivering true value to our clients. Every client is treated with the utmost importance. Our client’s business success is our success