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Talent Acquisition

As global competition for talent intensifies, Ennovatez Talent Acquisition team utilizes multiple sourcing channels to help you reach the right people, at the right time. We attract the best – even those not actively looking to change careers. We target the active and passive career hunters.


Ennovatez Account Managers are specialists in their field, coming from a professional background within the industry. We clearly understand our Client’s business needs, while also consistently developing talent pools with candidates whose needs and aspirations they clearly relate to and understand.

Our Mission is to consistently add value to our clients through solutions and services that enable efficient Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and retention of human resources of appropriate capabilities and qualities better than anyone else. We believe in establishing long-term relationship with our customers by consistently delivering creative and value-adding solutions and services of high quality.

Today, Ennovatez have all the resources and the technology in place to efficiently fulfill customer’s requirements in terms of quality and time. We strongly believe in adding value to our clients. We attempt to identify candidates who strongly meet our Client’s requirements to the best of our ability. We attempt to enhance the effectiveness of our Client’s Talent Acquisition operations by providing the most appropriate referrals and support with information in line with their requirements.

Strong Network. Our strong network enables us to offer to our Clients’ access to talents from many parts of the region. It also helps us in maintaining a personal rapport with a large Talent Pool in different geographical locations.

Confidentiality. We value and respect the need for confidentiality for both our Clients and the candidates. We handle each assignment with the highest level of confidentiality and with responsibility. Our team is appropriately trained to ensure this.

Systematic Processes. Our processes are well defined, systematic and consistent